Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Good Steward of My Time what I want to be.  As I was reading my Bible study this morning, I really got to thinking about this.  I am very "anal" as some would say and this extends beyond exercising. For instance, I think that I should mop at least every other day.  I will be all stressed and act like it is so critical that I clean house again and my husband will say, "You just did all of that yesterday.  You don't HAVE to do anything." Which I respond with "Oh, but I do."  But I?  I have made new goals that maybe I just full-blown clean once or twice a week and the other days just worry about maintenance (i.e. clean kitchen, pick-up, laundry).  I have felt guilty about this but as I read my lesson this morning I don't feel that I should feel bad at all.  My baby will be a baby for such a short time.  It won't be too long before when a song is heard, he won't automatically start dancing that preciously adorable dance that he does.  He won't long for mommy to be right there with him playing.  He won't always laugh when I play peek-a-boo or put a toy on my head.  Once he grows up passed these things, we can never go back.  Years down the road, I won't be able to decide that today I will play with him or dance with him in my arms.  At that time though, the house will still need to be cleaned and there will be more laundry to do.  I don't want to miss these times with my baby.  I want to drink them in and absorb them fully.  I don't want to look back on this season of my life and realize I wasted many opportunities to enjoy my son.  The memory of a clean house would never be so sweet as the memories made with my son.   I think I will go by what the author says in my book.  This is paraphrased but basically she said to do what has to be done and then let the rest wait.  Enjoy your babies and make happy memories with them and for them.  It is my job to be a mommy and create a joyous atmosphere is my house.  I love being a mommy!!

...and don't judge my Christmas tree those of you who will see it.  I have a one year old.  I enjoy seeing his face light up when looking at the tree and as he reaches for a ball.  I don't want to taint the next three weeks with "NO'S" and spankings in order to have a beautifully decorated tree.

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